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Acumen Nation

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Label: Cracknation Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Member since: September 17, 2007
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Once an original part of the coldwave music scene that fused guitars with industrial music, Chicago’s AcumEN NATION have logged hundreds of shows, 6 albums and a dozen US tours over the years. As well as running their own imprint and producing music for videogames, television and other bands, Ac*mEN NATION continuously evolves, adding the sounds of drum n bass, breakbeat, and hardcore into the mix over the years, resulting in a harsh amalgam of metal and electronics. Live they are a 4-piece metal crushfest with backing samples and loops who have performed with such bands as Frontline Assembly, 16volt, Chemlab, Ministry, Sevendust, Rammstein, KMFDM, Local H, Soil, Mushroomhead, Skinlab, Lords of Acid and Sister Machine Gun. Their new album “Anticore” is the fastest and meanest slab of meat and mischief put forth by the band to date. Retaining their signature sound of complex minor chord melodies and harsh, intelligent programming, tempos are now faster, songs shorter, lyrics even more cynical and the emotions are urgent. The new Ac*mEN NATION sound can easily be described as hardcore tech-metal, finding companionship with the likes of Fear Factory, MSI, Strapping Young Lad and Lamb of God. Their newest album, "Psycho The Rapist" (Cracknation Records, Street Date: October 2, 2000) is a chaotic return to earlier traditions and styles, while still amping up the metal and hardcore aspects. "Psycho" contains huge layers of electronics, drum n' bass beats, industrial noise and movie samples galore, while concentrating on the strong songwriting aspects that have helped to build their fanbase. As opposed to more recent collaborative albums by the band, "Psycho" was written and produced over a span of 6 months by the bands founder, Jason Novak with the help of drummer Dan Brill. The result is a focused, menacing sound that is sure to please new converts and old school fans alike. The members of Acumen Nation also run their own label, Cracknation Records, whose members Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy are the dark drum n’ bass duo DJ? ACUCRACK.
Fear Factory, Static X, MSI, 16volt
PSYCHOTRANSHUMANOID TOUR: ACUMEN NATION + CYANOTIC + DJ? ACUCRACK OCTOBER 4-21 ======================================= Oct 04 - Minneapolis, MN @ Ground Zero - 18+ (www.myspace.com/groundzerompls) Oct 05 - Kansas City, MO @ Daveys Uptown - 21+ (www.daveysuptown.com) Oct 06 - Denver, CO @ Cervantes - 18+ (www.cervantesmasterpiece.com) Oct 08 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas - 21+ (www.myspace.com/clubvegasrocks) Oct 09 - Portland, OR @ Fez Ballroom - 21+ (www.fezballroom.com) Oct 10 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon - All Ages (www.elcorazonseattle.com) Oct 11 - San Francisco, CA @ Blackmail - 21+ (www.myspace.com/clubblackmail) Oct 12 - San Diego, CA @ Therapy - 21+ (www.myspace.com/klubtherapy) Oct 13 - Riverside, CA @ Club Skandal - 18+ (www.clubskandal.com) Oct 14 - Los Angeles, CA @ Safari Sams (www.safari-sams.com) Oct 15 - Phoenix, AZ @ Sadisco (www.myspace.com/jheadsbar) Oct 16 - El Paso, TX @ Devils Bar (www.devilbar.com) Oct 17 - Houston, TX @ Havok - All Ages (www.havokonline.com) Oct 18 - Austin, TX @ Elysium - 21+ (www.elysiumonline.net) Oct 19 - Dallas, TX @ TBA!!!!!! Oct 20 - St. Louis, MO @ Dantes - 21+ (www.dantesstl.com) Oct 21 - Chicago, IL @ Double Door - 21+ (www.doubledoor.com)
Homepage: http://www.cracknation.com
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/acumennation

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