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The Birthday Massacre


The Birthday Massacre
Artist: The Birthday Massacre [ VF Profile ] [ 7 albums for sale ]
Label: Metropolis Records
Release Year: 2011
Format: 320kbps MP3
IMAGINARY MONSTERS $9.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
1: The Birthday Massacre - Forever $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
2: The Birthday Massacre - Burn Away $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
3: The Birthday Massacre - Left Behind $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
4: The Birthday Massacre - Pale [Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie 'Rubber Unicorn' Mix] $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
5: The Birthday Massacre - Control [tweaker Mix] $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
6: The Birthday Massacre - Shallow Grave [Combichrist 'Good For Her' Mix] $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
7: The Birthday Massacre - Pins And Needles [SKOLD Mix] $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist
8: The Birthday Massacre - Shallow Grave [Assemblage 23 Mix] $0.99 [+] cart [+] wishlist


Sep 09, 2011, 02:48pm
I've been into the Birthday Massacre for almost 3 years now and every time they put out a new EP or album they never stop progressing with better sounds. Imaginary Monsters is no exception. Forever opens with a soft synth lush and slowly builds into a soft synth rock ballad that's really calming and sad. Burn Away is the main explosion for the CD opening with loud guitar and drums with a pretty keyboard piece on the side. The lyrics and vocals are just as power as it's sound. Left Behind closes the new songs the same way it opened with a soft and mellow vibe but still with a nice synth rock twist it all.

When it comes to remixes I generally hate them because most of them add 3-5 minutes to the song, add more, take away, or replace backing vocals/instraments and repeat the same 2-3 lines for almost the entire song. That's not a remix. With TBM I've never had to worry about that. Each remix truly makes the song sound almost like it's a whole new one of itself. Each song has been reworked to either be softer or even heavier and beyond synth rock. Some songs have Industrial, Pop/Tencho, and even Glam influences in them.
All and all it's another great EP from an amazing band!

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